Congratulations on your purchase at THE DRAG STOP!!! Here at The Drag Stop we make it our priority to make sure you can take care of our products so, down below is a list of tips, tricks, and info to insure the longevity of your purchase.

- Costumes -

Storage: Store costume hanging or folded neatly to prevent abnormal wear and tear, and never store in hot or heated areas.

Cleaning: Wash cold on delicate and let air dry.

- Drag Padding -                        

Storage: Never leave padding squashed or folder for extended periods of time. As well as never store in hot or heated areas.

Cleaning: Machine washing pads is not suggested. Instead, hand wash and let air dry.

- Premium Styled Wigs -

Storage: After each use it is suggested that you pin the unit on a foam head, wrap with hairnet, and retouch unit with hairspray.

Dont's: You should never under any circumstance leave your wig in a hot or heated area and always place unit in a safe place to avoid damage.